Japan Tourism Awards

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The 6th “JAPAN TOURISM AWARDS” in 2020

Tourism, as part of Japan’s growth strategy, plays a major role in the social and economic advancement of the country. Travel and tourism engage a wide range of industries, streamlining the nation’s efforts to revitalize its local communities through the sustainable development of domestic, inbound and outbound travel. The Japan Tourism Awards recognize the efforts of business entities, public organizations and entrepreneurs who contribute to the development and expansion of the tourism industry through sustainable initiatives. The Japan Tourism Awards at Tourism EXPO Japan strive to promote sustainable development and to inform the industry and the general public about the efforts to further augment Japan as both a domestic and international travel destination.


Fields and Categories for Applications

The JAPAN TOURISM AWARDS accept applications under the following fields and categories.
Field of Domestic and Inbound Travel
Initiatives to promote or invigorate domestic or inbound travel
Field of Outbound Travel
Initiatives to promote or invigorate international travel demand from within Japan

Application Deadline

May 29, 2020 (Friday) by 11:59 p.m. JST
* Applications must be sent (registered by the system) by the above deadline.
* Please take into account that applications sent just before the deadline may encounter transmission difficulties that could cause them to miss the deadline.

How to Apply

Please apply by filling in the required information in the application form on the JATA Tourism EXPO Japan official website. Accompanying images and other media can also be uploaded through the application form.
Thank you very much for your applications.



Awards are decided by an examination committee composed of experts from a number of industries including tourism (Committee Chairman: Yoshiaki Hompo, Chief, Regional Support Office for Asia and Pacific, UNWTO) based on the application materials.

Judging Criteria

Points on which applications are judged

Innovation and novelty ◆ Does the initiative promote innovation?
◆ Does it create a new market as a new business model?
Profitability ◆ Sustainability: Does it generate enough profit or are there financial resources to sustain the initiative?
◆ Acceptability: Is it acceptable in the market and can it gain repeaters?
* Give the number of users, number of visitors, number of uses, number of operations, or amount of tourism spending; economic effect over the last five years at the most.
Expandability ◆ Can the initiative work as a model for other areas?
◆ Can the initiative be expected to develop further for tourism exchange?
Contribution to society ◆ Does the initiative seek to grow together with the region and contribute to problem solving and attracting tourism?
◆ Does the initiative contribute to the realization of sustainable society through preserving historical and cultural inheritance, protecting the environment, human resource development, or implementing universal design, diversity and risk management?

Awards (Tentative)

Minster of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Award 1 selected / Certificate of Commendation will be awarded
Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner’s Awards 3 selected / Certificate of Commendation will be awarded
Awards for Excellent Partner 1 selected / Certificate of commendation will be awarded
Japan Tourism Awards elected by students 1 selected / Certificate of commendation will be awarded
Examination committee: 20 Students in Travel & Tourism Studies
Special Awards for DMO Promotion Awarded in recognition of exceptional DMO initiatives that promote regional tourism
Special Awards for Digital Utilization Awarded in recognition of initiatives that use digital technology to promote tourism
Special Awards for Media/Promotion Awarded in recognition of media entities implementing effective promotion
Special Awards for Entertainment Awarded in recognition of initiatives promoting tourism involving entertainment
The Japan Tourism Award for Responsible Tourism in collaboration with UNWTO Awarded in recognition of exceptional initiatives that resolve local challenges and improve value through tourism
Special Awards for Risk management Awarded in recognition of initiatives implementing effective management with regard to risk factors such as natural disasters
Special Awards for Start-ups Awarded in recognition of innovative initiatives which have been running for less than three years since the start
Category Awards Generally between 10 and 20 selected from each category
Certificate of commendation will be awarded.

The 5th Japan Tourism Award Winners

Japan Tourism Awards Application Office
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