Tourism Expo Japan 2020

Launched as a comprehensive travel and tourism trade event in 2014, Tourism EXPO Japan comes as the world’s greatest celebration of people’s freedom to cross borders and love of travel.

Following last year’s first attempt to hold the event in Osaka, Tourism EXPO Japan will take place in Okinawa for the first time this year.

Tourism EXPO Japan comes with a multitude of destinations, experiences and stage performances, which present the charms of more than 100 countries and regions.

For everybody who loves traveling, the event offers travel information and a taste of new places by engaging all five senses with music, dance performances, ethnic cuisines, craft workshops, and many other exciting activities.

It will deliver an exciting experience for travel lovers against the background of Okinawa’s uplifting atmosphere and locals’ friendliness.We are looking forward to seeing you in Okinawa!!



Tourism EXPO Japan 2019

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    (Fixed figures on November, 5)

  • Thursday, October 24,


    (Trade and Press Day)

  • Friday, October 25,


    (Trade and Press Day)

  • Saturday, October 26,


    (Public Day)

  • Sunday, October 27,


    (Public Day)

100 countries/regions 1475 companies and organizations