The first selection process for the 5th Japan Tourism Awards has now been completed, a total number of 209 entries has been screened and narrowed down to 50 outstanding tourism projects and initiatives. Winners will be announced on Thursday 12th September,2019.
Here is one of our shortlisted company.

■Name of Initiative
Selection of “88 Japanese Anime Pilgrimage Spots” and promotion of Anime Tourism

■Organization Name
Anime Tourism Association

Based on over 50,000 votes from anime fans all over the world, Anime Tourism Association firstly announced “88 Japanese Anime Pilgrimage Spots” in August 2017, after having many discussions with relevant municipalities and the anime making production sides. It can be said that this is a new initiative reflecting the wishes of more than 75 % of votes from overseas, wishes of the communities, and people from protection of the rights to the works.

Placing the certified plates indicates one of the “88 Japanese Animation spots” selected by Anime fans around the world” and also introducing red ink stamps in the anime area.

Anime Tourism Association is also creating tours around places for animation and selling products and goods in related places. It is an initiative that will lead the realization of tourism-oriented and regional revitalization by spreading the word “animation tourism” to increase convenience and satisfaction of anime fans for all over the world.

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