The first selection process for the 5th Japan Tourism Awards has now been completed, a total number of 209 entries has been screened and narrowed down to 50 outstanding tourism projects and initiatives. Winners will be announced on Thursday 12th September,2019.
Here is one of our shortlisted company.

■Organization Name
HIS Study Tour Desk

■Name of Initiative
Expand the future possibilities of children! Extracurricular classes at a Cambodian elementary school!  Travels to learn with children. To provide educational opportunities for children without access to learning. The initiative is aiming to bring smiles and excitement to Cambodian children!

In 2005, H.I.S was the first Japanese travel agency to open a branch in Siem Reap in Cambodia and have started a Study Tour to visit an orphanage since 2010 for their customers. Since then, more than 5,000 tourists have participated in the Cambodia Study Tour organized by H.I.S.In Cambodia, where the education system collapsed during the Pol Pot era, there are still many children who cannot receive an education because of poverty or school shortages. In order to alleviate this problem, HIS decided to build a public elementary school in the spring of 2017 where Cambodian children can get access to free education. The school continues to provide children with education, opportunities and extracurricular activities.HIS Study Tour Desk contributes to solve sustainable social problems such as poverty and poor education system and will plan to provide electricity to villages where no electricity yet and will continue to contribute the development of the regions.

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