Japan Tourism Awards

The 4th Japan Tourism Awards

Japan has made Tourism part of its growth strategy, and hopes for increased exchanges between Japanese people and foreigners. The tourism industry plays a major role in Japan's economic growth, involving a broad range of industries in revitalizing tourism in the areas of Japanese domestic tourism, outbound Japanese tourism to other countries, and inbound foreign tourists visiting Japan. These awards recognize those who contribute to the development and expansion of the tourism industry, adding synergistic effects to the "Tourism EXPO Japan," while also giving recognition to exceptionally sustainable initiatives by associations, organizations, and companies in Japan and overseas. These awards utilize this event as an opportunity to pursue the goal of spreading the word and educating others about the efforts to make "Tourist Destination: Japan" a reality both domestically and internationally.


Fields and Categories for Applications

The JAPAN TOURISM AWARDS accept applications under two fields, “Domestic and Inbound Travel” and “Outbound Travel”.
Field of Domestic and Inbound Travel
Travel Business Category
Regional Category
Media Category
Field of Outbound Travel
Travel Business Category
Regional Category
Media Category

Description of Categories

1.Business Category (Field of Domestic and Inbound Travel / Field of Outbound Travel)

Recognizes efforts that have expanded the number of people who travel domestically and internationally, and feasible efforts that have contributed greatly to added value in the tourism industry. *Performance figures may relate to numbers of tour results, invitations (Inbound travelers, groups or something) or something.

* Projects that have been under way for at least one year.

■ Examples

Series type travel commodities, community-based tourism projects, service utilizing Information and Communication Technology, initiatives for event creations, such as “MICE”, initiatives for drawing in visitors to Japan, initiatives for expansion of industry tourism, eco-tourism, universal tourism, sports tourism, food tourism, shopping tourism and so on. tourism human resources development, initiatives of leading to expansion of accommodation, initiatives of luxury market, entertainment business, initiatives gentle to a disabled person, disaster recovery programs, etc.

2.Regional Category (Field of Domestic and Inbound Travel / Field of Outbound Travel)

Recognizes efforts of national and regional tourism-related organizations that come together to develop attractive tourist destinations, or that work towards comprehensive revitalization of communities using national and regional tourism resources.

■ Examples

Regional tourism development by DMOs, promotion using regional content (including video and posters), efforts to convey regional traditions, culture or craftworks, promotion using regional products, event development, promotion using mascots, regional tourism development which enables access for persons with disabilities, initiatives to encourage international visitors to Japan (promotion, infrastructure, hospitality, etc.), disaster recovery initiatives and tourism personnel training.

3.Media Category (Field of Domestic and Inbound Travel / Field of Outbound Travel)

Recognizes efforts in advertising mediums and promotional activities that have contributed greatly to boosting and promoting demand for travel to Japan and internationally, and have increased the value of local areas.

■ Examples

Efforts to develop or serve a cultural exchange population, such as through program production (town guide, food guide, history feature, regional attraction feature, feature for visitors to Japan, serial drama or historical drama), video production (including anime), novels, manga, YouTube, photography collection or posters.

Application Deadline

Entry Period: March 1 - May 31
Application Deadline: May 31, 2018 (Thursday) by 11:59 p.m.

*Dependent on the time that application data is registered.

*Please take into account that applications sent just before the deadline may encounter transmission difficulties that could cause them to miss the deadline.

*We may need to contact some applicants to ask about the information in their application, so please make sure that all of the contact information is included for the person(s) in charge of your application.

How to Apply

Please apply by filling in the required information according to the application form on the Tourism EXPO Japan official website. Accompanying images and other media can also be uploaded through the application form.

Thank you very much for your application.



Awards are decided by jury composed of experts from a number of industries including tourism (Committee Chairman: Yoshiaki Hompo, Chief, Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific, UNWTO) based on the application materials.

Judging Criteria

The points on which applications are judged are as follows.

Pioneering and Creativity Is a new market being created through an as-yet unrecognized initiative?
Is it based on the creation of a new business model?
Does it match the needs of the market?
Sustainability and Expandability (expectation) Has the lasting initiative so far produced effect?
Is the initiative likely to realize further success if continued?
* Give the number of users, number of visitors, number of uses, number of operations, or amount of tourism spending, over, at the most, the last five years
Contribution to societies Does the initiative seek to grow in tandem with the region, and contribute to problem solving and attracting tourism?
Does the initiative contribute, through tourism, to realizing a sustainable society, such as through preserving historical and cultural inheritance, protecting the environment, human resource development, or implementing universal design?

Awards (Planned)

Grand Prize 1 selected
Trophy and a certificate of commendation will be awarded.
Excellence in the Field Awards 3 selected
Commemorative shield will be awarded.
Category Awards Generally between 1 and 5 selected from each category
Certificate of commendation will be awarded.
Special Awards for DMO Promotion
<Awarded 1 to 3>
Recognizes DMO efforts for continuous development and promotion as a core element in regional regeneration through tourism
Special Awards for ICT Utilization
<Awarded 1 to 3>
Recognizes efforts which utilize ICT as a means of compensating for the distribution of information, marketing, or overcoming language barriers, physical barriers or labor shortage, to provide a significant lasting effect in terms of cultural exchange
Special Awards for UNWTO Ethics
<Awarded 1 to 3>
Recognizes efforts which achieve continued excellence in conforming to the spirit of the UNWTO's Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, such as by removal of barriers, promotion of mutual understanding through international exchange activities, or creating a work-enabling environment, while taking account of the preservation of the local environment, inheritance of history and culture and persons with disabilities

* We will decide and honor each prize, by the Judging Committee (Judge Chairperson: Yoshiaki Honpo, Representative of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Office of the Tokyo) consisting of experts in various fields including tourism, based on the application data.
* We will recommend entry to the UNWTO Award Secretariat for the efforts to win the Grand Prize, Area Excellence Award and UNWTO Division Award. The Award Ceremony is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Big Sight on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Announcement of Results

Award winners will be contacted by our office. We also plan to make the selection results widely available to the public.

Tourism EXPO Japan Promotion Office
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